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(Men Against Domestic Abuse)

Breaking the Silence

Supporting Victims and Raising Awareness with MADA

The MADA™ (Men Against Domestic Abuse) initiative to encourage men and teen boys to be advocates against domestic abuse and support those victimized by DV. Participants in the MADA initiative pledge to be supporters of and participate in sharing DV awareness and prevention information through seminars, conferences, trainings, and speaking engagements.

M.A.D.A. Pledges

To create loving environments for women in their families and communities.

To advocate in communities, governmental entities, and any influential entity for the safety and protection of women and children.

To speak out against any violence witnessed against women and children.

To avoid using power and control as a form of abuse.

For more information: 469-271-8500;;

Services Provided


While increasing the awareness of domestic violence and how to prevent it, we are building a culture of men and boys who realize the importance of healthy relationships, thus leading to healthier relationships and communities.