Ongoing Donation Needs

Women's Toiletry Items:

1. Sanitary Napkins

2. Tampons

3. Body wash

4. Flushable wipes

5. Plain cotton underwear

6. Deodorant

7. Tooth brushes and toothpaste


College Send Off Needs:

1. Bedding: Twin XL Sheet Sets; blankets;  comforters

2. Bath towels and wash cloths

3. Mini refrigerators

4. School supplies

5. Gift cards

6. Laptops and printers


YES Program Needs:

1. Scientific calculators

2. Pens and pencils

3. Projector

4. Group tickets to events

5. Breakfast and lunch food items


Contact Ms. JR Newton- 214-476-7410 to arrange pick-up of any donated items. A tax-exempt receipt will be given for all donated items.

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